About Us

Techno Support Ltd.

Since 1994, as a technology trading
company, we have been providing
innovative products and information,

which spread in the world, into the
vast market in Japan.

Office Address
4-22-3 Onohara-higashi, Minoo ,Osaka
562-0031 Japan

TEL: (+81) 72-730-2303
FAX: (+81) 72-730-2304

Product Lines

Mixing Technologies

High Shear Mixers
Silverson Machines Ltd.

Mechanical Shaft Seals
Woodex Bearing Company, Inc

Paper & Film converting Technologies

Carbon fiber doctor blade Chamber
Packaging Plast Srl

Titanium Anilox Roller

Rollscope MD-3DQC
MicroDynamics, Inc.

Numbering System
Zeiser GmbH

Die Cutting Cylinders
Schobertechnologies GmbH

Air Shafts
ATEM sas.

Tension Transducers
Cleveland Motion Controls

Industrial Razor Blade & Cutters

Viscosity Controllers
Opti-color Mess und Regelanlagen GmbH

General Industries

Magnet Inline Filter
MAGNOM Corporation Ltd

Spin Clean - Centrifuge Separator
Fluid Power Energy, Inc.

Separ Filter - Fuel Water Separators
W. Lösing Filtertechnik e. K.

Laser Beam Particle Counter
Spectrex Corporation